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Seaboard Self Storage 6 Month Promotion

Self Storage 6 Month Promotion for new customers: PAY FOR 5 MONTHS IN ADVANCE AND GET 1 MONTH FREE Long Term Rent Discount for Existing Customers: Pay 5 months’ rent and receive the 6th month at 50% off or Pay 11 months’ rent and receive the 12th month free

Picking a storage company with heart

Here at Seaboard Self Storage, we have a bit of a different approach to storage and how we treat our clients. We believe that when an individual or a company leave their possessions with our storage facility they are trusting us to take care of their belongings almost like a home away from home and […]

The legal arm of public self storage!!!

Self storage leases can be troubling. Under such leases, self storage facility owners may freely dispose of defaulting tenants’ medical and tax records, family ashes, heirlooms, etc. in the same manner as they would treat fungible items such as chairs or a bookshelf. Facility owners are legally entitled to do so through facility-sponsored auctions, most […]

The history of people storing their goods

In order to know where the self storage industry is going, it is helpful to find out its origins. As consumer consumption continues to rise we can see that there will be growing demand for additional storage spaces in the near future. The more we accumulate as a culture the more storage space we need […]

Storage Wars and Local Storage Auctions

Have you heard of Storage Wars or Auction Kings? The objective of both shows is to make money off of the contents of unpaid storage units. Storage Wars is an American reality television series on the A&E Network that premiered in 2010. The show features the auctioneering couple of Dan Dotson and Laura Dotson, as […]

Safe, Simple, and Secure Self Storage for Everything

In today’s blog post, we want to explore the security and privacy of belongings in self storage facilities. In the current market place, homes and businesses contain an ever increasing quantity of goods, while property sizes continue to shrink. There’s also a growing need for security and privacy for both objects and documents. Another contributor […]

Trends in Self Storage Industry

At Seaboard Self Storage we try to keep abreast of the current trends in self storage industry. In a recent US survey, a whopping 58.6 percent of survey-takers cited “Moving” as their reason for needing storage. Makes sense, as moving can get messy, and we can only fit so much of our lives in the […]