Outdoor Storage Units Pricing

A few good tips about storing your belongings!

When it comes time to rent a storage unit for your belongings there are certain things that you need to consider before doing so. Here at Seaboard Self Storage, we want to make the experience as pleasant as possible and so we have found a few do’s and don’t that one should consider before putting your precious things into storage.

Nearly anything can be stored in a self storage unit, including furniture, books, decorations, holiday items, sporting goods, appliances, sentimental items, or any other household goods that you might be storing in your garage or attic. However, items such as firearms, explosives, ammunition, fireworks, hazardous chemicals and substances, flammable substances, stolen goods, pets, foods or items made from food, cash, waste products, or highly valuable items should never be stored in a self storage unit. This is to ensure the safety of you, other tenants, facility personnel, and your belongings.

A lot of people make this mistake. They’re so anxious to move their belongings into a storage unit that they forget to defrost their refrigerator. If you’re planning to store a refrigerator or a freezer, make sure you don’t forget to defrost it first. Otherwise, you will have a mess on your hands. It will not only leak out onto the ground and possibly ruin your other items, it can develop mould inside of your refrigerator or freezer. Make sure you thoroughly defrost your refrigerator before placing it into storage.

Flammable items, such as gas or propane should never be stored in a public storage. If you’re storing lawn mower equipment or anything that requires gas, make sure that it is completely drained out first as it’s very unsafe to store flammable items in a storage unit. This should be avoided at all costs.

Maybe you need a studio apartment-sized space or just a mini unit. When assessing the size, don’t forget to consider getting a space slightly larger than you think you need if it’s going to act as storage that you access often. You will need space to walk around and move things. On the other hand, if you’re just storing an entire room’s worth of furniture until you move, choose a space that fits exactly that is big enough. Are you storing artwork, photos, electronics? If so, you might want to consider a climate-controlled space.

Happy Storage.
Seaboard Self Storage