Seaboard Self Storage Solutions

Picking a storage company with heart

Here at Seaboard Self Storage, we have a bit of a different approach to storage and how we treat our clients. We believe that when an individual or a company leave their possessions with our storage facility they are trusting us to take care of their belongings almost like a home away from home and we pride ourselves on this. Whatever the reason that our clients need storage; maybe your business is up to the rafters in documentation and old office furniture. You want a reliable, safe solution to your storage issues.

For individual consumers, they mostly use small and medium-sized storages to keep files, such as financial documents and personal items, storage services is becoming increasingly popular as people get used to it. The main reason why people like self storage is because it is flexible, trustworthy and convenient.

There are many reasons why individuals might require storage space; the main ones being the increase in single-occupancy households, moving home, marriage, divorce, retirement, lack of suitable housing and downsizing. Depending on an individual’s or a family’s circumstances, contracts may be short or long term.

Businesses are turning to self storage facilities for the flexibility they offer owing to the reduced size of available premises for storage of archives, which is a legal requirement. Many small and medium sized businesses choose to utilize self storage facilities to assist them with cash flow due to the low costs involved with self storage. Here at Seaboard Self Storage we look after your belongings like they were our very own.