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The Automated Attendant

Bank machines – what would we do without them. At first a lot of consumers were leary of them but over time, consumers learned that they were convenient and efficient and you no longer have to let the banks business hours dictate your schedule. That’s the beautiful thing about bank machines and online banking – it allows the consumer to do their banking whenever it suits them best. Although, sometimes you still need to visit your bank during bank hours to take care of more complex transactions but generally speaking bank machines and online banking can handle most people day to day banking items.

We have been watching as the automated attendant has come into the Self Storage world and we are looking into this further. Seems like a great solution for our customers; the automated attendant can set up a new rental, issue keys, keeps the facilities secure and safe. And it`s also a great help when the office is busy as the automated attendant can help with taking payments or setting up new accounts.

At Seaboard Self Storage, we see the automated attendant as a way to improve our customer experience and that’s what we are all about; providing our customer safe, efficient and great service. We will do some more due diligence and research all the new technology out there so that we can make the client experience more pleasurable.

Keep a look up for our updates on this. How do you feel about Seaboard getting an automated attendent? We`d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on your first experience with the new automated attendant, please call, email or discuss with us onsite the next time you drop in to our location.

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