Seaboard Self Storage in Surrey

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In today’s blog post, we want to explore the security and privacy of belongings in self storage facilities. In the current market place, homes and businesses contain an ever increasing quantity of goods, while property sizes continue to shrink. There’s also a growing need for security and privacy for both objects and documents. Another contributor is that you may also find yourself in need of a space to temporarily house larger items. All of these scenarios have given rise to the demand for flexible and changing storage solutions for home and business.

Self storage centers should have security measures including gating and onsite monitoring. What exactly does climate control mean? It typically means keeping the temperature below 90 degrees in the summer and above 40 degrees in the winter, with humidity below 65 percent to stop mold or mildew, according to Inside Self Storage magazine. Climate controlled units are generally used for pianos, photographs and art items.

A lot of self storage facilities offer portable on demand units which are delivered to the home for the renter to pack and then the unit is taken to a storage facility or delivered to the new destination for unpacking.

Rental costs for self storage vary between providers and depend upon the space required. Usually a deposit will be required and refunded at the end of the rental period should the unit be left in good order and any equipment used, such as moving blankets, returned. Most self storage facilities accept cash, credit and interac. Besides the basic rental, you may need to purchase insurance and locks.

Most facilities have many limitations as to what is covered under their own insurance and some may not cover contents at all. Some make it mandatory that you purchase insurance policies through them or that you carry your own insurance coverage before you rent. Sometimes you can purchase a rider on your existing home insurance policy to cover self storage. We would suggest asking the self storage facility to go over the insurance coverage with you. And make sure you fully understand what their policy covers and if you need to get your own coverage as well. If it’s important enough for you to get storage for your belongs. Then it’s definitely worth finding our the insurance coverage and making sure you have adequate coverage.

When either home or office does not adequately meet your needs, you may need to explore self storage facilities and at Seaboard Self Storage we can accommodate your needs. Please call us today and learn more of drop into our Surrey location. It’s always best to check out different storage facilities to see the conditions of the facilities. At Seaboard Self Storage we have a friendly, secure, clean and well lit facility and we have a gated entrance as well as monitoring for each unit. Our motto is safe, simple and secure, storage for everything. Please drop by and let us show you how simple it is to use our self storage facilities.