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The Automated Attendant

Bank machines – what would we do without them. At first a lot of consumers were leary of them but over time, consumers learned that they were convenient and efficient and you no longer have to let the banks business hours dictate your schedule. That’s the beautiful thing about bank […]

RVs and Storage

With the RV season just upon us, you might want to consider checking out some of the RV shows in BC so you can see some of the great new features on the market and so you can enjoy the New Year. Rving is a great way to enjoy beautiful […]

The need for public storage in 2013

Public storage offers space-strapped customers a secure nest in which to store things they don’t need right now but can’t bring themselves to throw away. They invest in land most developers would shun and use tenancy contracts that would make other landlords shudder. Storage spaces have become hugely popular over […]

History of Self Storage in the United States

According to Wikipedia – although there is historical evidence of publicly available storage in ancient China, modern self storage facilities in which the tenant has exclusive access to the storage space did not begin to appear until the 1960s. Lauderdale Storage in Fort Lauderdale, FL was founded in 1958 by […]

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